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Whitepaper: Why Food & Beverage Manufacturers Should Avoid Generic ERP Systems
Before you begin evaluating vendors and solutions, you need to decide what’s most important for your business, and build a requirements list.  You’ll find that almost all generic ERP applications have modules or applications to handle the non-manufacturing areas of your business.  However, these systems usually lack certain key functionality required to handle manufacturing processes, especially those of food and beverage makers.
When an ERP application is developed specifically for your industry it is better equipped to handle your manufacturing process with little to no customization.  This means faster, more affordable implementation and maintenance.  An industry-specific ERP application typically offers deeper functionality than a generic ERP package. For example, a blender’s workbench for distilleries or maturation management tools for cheese and dairy producers can help you manage inventory that changes value and identity over time.

Author: Epicor Software