Children and adults alike enjoy snacking but a lot of options available today offer little more than empty calories and quick fixes – staving off that feeling of hunger for a short while only to be followed by a sugar slump. Nutritionist Jane Clarke will discuss the nutritional benefits of peanut butter as a snacking option and invite the audience to offer an insight into their family’s snacking behaviour.

  • Whole Earth company background
  • Ingredient and nutritional content overview
  • Allergies and pregnancy
  • What, when and how to eat peanut butter
  • Portion sizes
  • SNACKING – Jane will encourage a discussion around snacking options and choices – inviting the audience to explain what they give to their family and why. She will also offer advice and suggestions to parents who are confused by what their family should be snacking on and encourage the audience to share their views on salt in the diet.
  • Q&A SESSION – Jane will open the line up to all questions around nutrition and snacking.

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Jane Clarke
Jane Clarke Ltd
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Moderator: Nikki French
Brand Controller
Whole Earth
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