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Quantitation of proteins in solution is required daily in thousands of labs worldwide. Most researchers learn some protein quantitation techniques during their first lab experience and simply continue to use the same techniques as a result of habit. However, some techniques will yield inaccurate data depending on the nature of the proteins and the presence of other species in the sample. In this webinar, Dr. Paul Wingfield (Director of the NIAMS Protein Expression Laboratory at the NIH) will compare the most commonly used methods for protein detection and quantitation, discuss how each assay works and outline the advantages and limitations of each method. Nuno Goncalves (EMD Millipore) will then describe a new protein detection and quantitation technology based on the IR signal of protein amide bonds. The technique is rapid and accurate, accommodates many typical interfering molecules without prior purification, and requires only microscale volumes of sample. Dr. Paul Wingfield and Nuno Goncalves will answer your questions live during the webinar so be sure to attend and get answers from the experts!

What you will learn in this webinar:

  • How to choose an appropriate technique for detecting and quantifying proteins. What is the basis of each technique (what does it actually measure)?
  • Ways to detect and quantify protein in the presence of potentially interfering substances (e.g., detergents, buffers, reducing agents) and other bio-macromolecules (e.g., nucleic acids, lipids, carbohydrates)
  • How to remove or correct for the effects of chemical species that often interfere with protein quantitation
  • Time and sample volume considerations for the various methods
  • How to assess and verify absolute vs. relative quantitation

Who should attend:

  • Any researcher who works with proteins and/or peptides
  • Scientists who work with complex mixtures (e.g., proteins with detergents, lipids or nucleic acids)
  • Protein chemists and biochemists who need to be able to quantitate protein samples precisely and accurately
  • Laboratory course instructors and technicians who teach protein detection and quantitation methods to students
Nuno Goncalves
Manager of Novel Biomolecular Detection
EMD Millipore
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Dr. Paul Wingfield
Dir. of NIAMS Protein Expression Lab
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