Drug-drug combinations made simple

Drug screening for combinations or single agents can be demanding and tedious. At the Netherlands Cancer Institute Robotics and Screening Center (NRSC), potential drug combinations that either restore or enhance clinical response are selected based on large-scale genomic screening projects which combine genomic datasets including clinical data. The Institute’s HP D300 Digital Dispenser offers accurate, flexible and user-friendly experimental set-up for these combination studies, saving valuable time.

The NRSC uses an advanced technology platform to perform large-scale, high throughput screening projects with cell-based or biochemical assays. These screens enable researchers to identify novel targets for cancer therapy and understand the mechanism of action of novel drugs, as well as to identify resistance mechanisms and determine effective drug combinations for specific patient groups carrying defined genetic alterations. In this presentation, the NRSC’s workflow for identification of drug combinations and follow-up drug synergy studies using the HP D300 will be presented.

Join our webinar as we examine the potential for change in dose-response curve set-up, including a Question and Answer session with all presenters.

Key Learning Objectives:
  • Drug-drug interaction experiments can be set up quickly and easily
  • How to save time while creating high quality dose response curves
  • CEO/President/Chairman/Executive Director
  • Senior scientist
  • Principle investigator
  • Principle scientist
  • Lab head
  • Lab manager
  • Biochemist
  • Biologist
  • Technologists in BioPharma
  • Staff Scientist
  • Research associate


Roderick L. Beijersbergen
Associate Professor Division of Molecular Carcinogenesis
Head NKI Robotics and Screening Center
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Pasi Halonen
Post-doc Division of Molecular Carcinogenesis
NKI Robotics and Screening Center
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Jessica Merlino
Product Manager HP D300
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Challenges with current dose response curve preparation method:

Inflexible method
Takes too much time
Too much compound waste/dead volume
Waiting for shared automation equipment

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