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Neural Circuits in Action

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Neural circuits are a fundamental unit of computation in the nervous system and thus an important focus of neuroscience research. Recent years have seen tremendous advances in the mapping of circuit architecture as well as the monitoring and manipulation of its function. New insights into the logic of neural circuits and how they mediate behavior will be the focus of the forthcoming Cell symposium on "Genes, Circuits, and Behaviour" in June ( This webinar will showcase approaches from various systems aimed at understanding how neural circuits function “in action” during perception, action, and cognition. We hope that you will join us for the chance to hear from Scott Sternson and Ed Callaway.

Who should attend: Anyone interested in behavior, neuroscience, and the techniques used to study neural circuit function.


Scott Sternson

HHMI Janelia Farm
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Ed Callaway

Salk Institute
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Florian Maderspacher
Senior Editor
Current Biology
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