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Imaging in Embryogenesis

A challenge in developmental biology is to gain a complete understanding of embryonic development inclusive of multiple genes functioning at any moment to regulate morphogenesis, cell fate, specification and patterning.

In recent years, the combination of cutting-edge microscopy and molecular approaches in developmental, cellular, and molecular biology have provided an increasingly in-depth view of how organisms (and all of their integral parts) form from a single cell.

In this exciting webinar, Dr. Angela Stathopoulos and Dr. Roberto Weigert share their latest insights on imaging as well as the processes that shape the developing embryo and form biological structures.

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Dr. Roberto Weigert
Chief, Intracellular Membrane Trafficking Unit
National Institutes of Health
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Dr. Angela Stathopoulos
Professor, Department of Biology
California Institute of Technology
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Angela Messmer-Blust
Scientific Editor
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