Free Webinar: Multiplexed Protein Detection Assay Fundamentals and Applications in Cancer Research

Multiplex assays allow simultaneous detection of multiple analytes (up to hundreds) in a single run, and can be used for studying proteins or nucleic acids. In this webinar, Dr. Brian Haab (Van Andel Research Institute) will discuss some of the major technologies used to discover and validate protein biomarkers in a multiplex format (e.g., antibody arrays and bead-based technologies), describing important considerations for each, including the relative requirements for specificity, sensitivity, throughput, and multiplexing; the process of ensuring valid and reproducible results; and the practicality and flexibility of the platforms. Dr. Beatriz Carreno (Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis) will then discuss the use of MILLIPLEX® MAP assays, based on the Luminex® xMAP® technology, to study the characteristics of a novel melanoma-specific dendritic cell vaccine and the identification of potential biomarkers of clinical efficacy. Dr. Debra MacIvor (Product Manager with EMD Millipore) will briefly describe the breadth of the MILLIPLEX® MAP cancer research portfolio.

Drs. Haab, Carreno and MacIvor will answer questions from webinar attendees, so be sure to attend and get answers from the experts!

What you will learn in this webinar:

  • Experimental considerations for obtaining reliable multiplexed protein biomarker measurements
  • Methods of detecting protein glycoforms using antibody arrays
  • How multiplexed bead-based assays can advance cancer research by facilitating biomarker discovery and revealing the link between inflammation and cancer.

Who should attend:

  • Those who would benefit from the ability to measure multiple proteins simultaneously using small volumes, e.g., from clinical specimens
  • Anyone seeking a platform that is more quantitative than western blotting for measuring both circulating and intracellular proteins


Dr. Beatriz M. Carreno
Research Associate Professor
Washington University School of Medicine
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Dr. Brian Haab
Associate Professor
Van Andel Research Institute Center for Translational Medicine
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