Seeing the Unseen in Cell Machinery by Label-free Spectroscopic Imaging

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Biomolecules such as DNA, carbohydrates, lipids, metabolites and drugs play essential roles in the biochemistry of cells. However, monitoring the spatiotemporal dynamics of these molecules in live cells remains difficult. Label-free microscopy using spectroscopic signals as contrast opens a new window for watching biomolecules and nanomaterials inside living cells and human body. I will present our most recent advances in both developments and applications of label-free imaging platforms, including deep tissue imaging of cardiovascular plaques by listening to harmonic molecular vibration, study of lipid metabolism in cancer biology by coherent Raman microscopy, and transient absorption imaging of nanomaterials in live cells.

Who should attend:

Researchers working on imaging technique development, cell biology, myelin sheath biology, cancer, cardiovascular disease, microscope detector companies


Dr. Ji-Xin Cheng
Associate Professor, Weldon School
of Biomedical Engineering
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Kaia Motter
Publisher, Genetics II

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