A New Concept in Metabolic Studies: How Personalized 'Sportomics' Bridges Bench and Clinical Science

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Prof. L. C. Cameron is building a new approach to metabolic research. For more than a decade, he has used alternative approaches to understand metabolic responses to physical stress. In addition to classic laboratory studies (cell and animal models), he has developed the ‘Sportomics’ approach of non-hypothesis-driven research on an individual’s metabolite changes during sports and exercise, using advanced mass spectrometry and in-field clinical chemistry techniques.
The holistic, top-down methodology is creating a large database, and new data mining procedures, to improve metabolomics and proteomics studies. Prof. Cameron believes this approach could help bridge a methodological gap between systems biology and translational medicine, and aid understanding of signaling pathways involved in diseases which lead to hypermetabolic states, such as cancer or thermic injuries.

Learn how you can:
  • Use exercise as a model to understand pathological responses.
  • Develop different data analysis strategies for the analysis of metabolomics data.
  • Use mass spectrometry as a targeted and non-targeted tool, and optimize laboratory techniques 'in-field'.
  • Understand and monitor an individual's metabolome in order to improve health and performance.
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Professor L. C. Cameron, Ph. D.
PI - Laboratory of Protein Biochemistry
Federal University of State of Rio de Janeiro
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Kerry Parker
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