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MicroRNAs and Cancer

In addition to the known tumor suppressor genes and oncogenes that encode proteins that repress or promote cancer, work in recent years has also shown that non-coding RNAs can act similarly. MicroRNAs have been implicated in the regulation of nearly all aspects of biology, generally through repression of target genes, in all the species that express these small RNAs. When expression of miRNAs is dysregulated, the impact on cell fate can be drastic. Many miRNAs have been implicated as promoters or suppressors of carcinogenesis, while others can serve as potential biomarkers.

In this exciting webinar, Dr. Carlo Croce and Dr. Joshua Mendell share their latest insights into the role of miRNAs in cancer.

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Dr. Carlo Croce
Professor and Chair
Department of Molecular Virology,
Immunology and Medical Genetics
Ohio State University
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Dr. Joshua Mendell
Department of Molecular Biology
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
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Angela Messmer-Blust
Scientific Editor
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