Quantitative proteomics studies are challenging as high sensitivity and a high degree of selectivity are required to analyze systematically large peptide sets in one single experiment. Quantification of peptides in complex samples can be performed on a quadrupole-orbitrap instrument in MS/MS mode (parallel reaction monitoring, PRM). The high resolving power of this technique dramatically increases the selectivity of the measurements while the trapping capability can be leveraged to boost the sensitivity. Precise quantification as well as large-scale screening in biological samples can be performed using multiplexed analysis in conjunction with stable isotope dilution. In this webinar, Dr. Bruno Domon (Centre de Recherche Public Santé in Luxembourg) will discuss the principle of quantification using high-resolution/accurate mass (HR/AM) in the context of proteomics experiments. The discussion will focus on the selectivity of the measurements and the limit of quantification. Furthermore, the unique trapping and multiplexing capabilities of the quadrupole/orbitrap instrument as applied to large-scale experiments will be presented.

What You Will Learn:

  • The main challenges encountered in quantitative analysis of biological samples
  • Principle of quantification using high-resolution / accurate mass
  • Quantification using parallel reaction monitoring (PRM)

Who Should Attend:

  • Researchers interested in quantitative proteomics
  • Bench scientists analysis involved in the clinical or complex biological samples
  • Researchers interested in recent developments of mass spectrometry technology
Prof. Bruno Domon
Leader of Clinical Proteomics
Luxembourg Clinical Proteomics Center at CRP-Santé
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Advances in Quantitative Proteomics: Parallel Reaction Monitoring Applied to Large-scale Studies

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