Simplified screening and quantification of contaminants in food with high resolution accurate mass spectrometry

Increasing food safety concerns have led to tighter governmental regulations of pesticides and other contaminants in food globally combined with an exponential growth in numbers of samples to be analysed. There is a clear need for quick and simple screening and quantification methods for these residues. This webinar will demonstrate that analysis using mass spectrometry with high resolution and accurate mass makes it possible to screen and quantify in one chromatographic run with reliable results using one unified software solution.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • How to conduct a combined qual/quan experiment in one run?
  • How to meet governmental regulations with a HRAM approach?
  • How much is mass accuracy connected to resolution?

Who Should Attend:

  • Scientists and Laboratory Managers
  • Instrument operators doing data processing
  • Anyone interested in developing or improving multi-residue methods in their laboratory
Dr. Thorsten Bernsmann
M√ľnster, Germany
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Dr. Olaf Scheibner
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Bremen, Germany
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